Friday, January 8, 2010

cuff me!

Recently i've been dieing for cuffs by two ah-mazing labels. Burberry, and Hermes. I love them and i want them...NOW!

The one above is thee Hermes "Alligator bracelet, orange with gold plated, 2.25" diameter. Ref. 054339CC93" which costs $1,600.00 USD.
(also comes in orange with silver plated)

The Hermes "Leather bracelete, white with gold plated, 2.25" diameter. Ref. 045141CC01" which costs $1,000.00 USD.

The Hermes "Leather bracelete, black with gold plated, 2.25" diameter".

! An image that i could not find which was probably my FAVOURITE Hermes cuff was the
"Alligator bracelet, dark blue with silver plated, 2.25" diameter. Ref. 054339CK7K." !!
( i was looking at it today on the computer in my marketing class and almost started to cry, thats how much i loveee it!! hahahaha.) !

The Burberry "Large check embossed acrylic bangle, with a plaque in a shiny, metallic finish that is engraved with the "Burberry" logo. It comes in assorted colours such as, "Trench" (in the one above), "Camomile" which is a kind of bright yellow, and "Frosted Pink", in the image below.