Saturday, February 13, 2010

bye-bye Toronto

my Toronto people, i'll be going away for the weekend to Niagra Falls, i miss the city already and i haven't even left.
so that means i won't be blogging alll weekend! but i will deffinately try. tthe funny thing is i only stuck to one bag for the first time in my life and its such a huge accomplishment lol, well i got to get a move on if im gunna make check in, soo ill talk to you later . byee

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.

Friday, February 12, 2010

you've got "Y-mail" !

Y-Mail Clutch in Black Patent Leather
 this amazing clutch costs $395 USD.
its made in Italy, and is 4" high and 8"wide.
amazingly chic and i need to find one!

simply grorgeous, simply elegant, simply amazing.


i die for... Nicole Richie's House of Harlow

its been way to long since Nicole Richie's line "house of harlow" inspired by 60's and 70's vintage and bohemian chic glamour line has come out i've died for it since then and i think now is the time to start blogging about it :)! the pieces that have most caught my eye are these things:

The Sunburst Ring in Abalone

The Sunburst Pendant in Abalone

Large Key Cocktail Ring in Gold

Large Peacock Necklace in Gold

Large Peacock Cocktail Ring in Gold

        Blue Cabochon Stones Bangle in Gold       
Large Horse Shoe Necklace in Gold

check THESE pieces AND more at:

Kit-Kat Italian Bar and grill

This Kit KaT is located on 2797 King Street West, it is this is an AMAZING restaurant and its one of the best restaurants i've been to in a long time! the menu consists of lunchs, dinners, desserts, and wines its just simply amazing.

this is of course the entrance located on king street.

This part of the restaurant is right when you walk in.
This is the amazing bar right at the front of the restaurant.
above is the part of the restaurant that is past the kitchen.

a major celebrity who has been there is Keith Richards some other big names that have enjoyed this restaurant are: the bank INXS, Tony Bennett, Ron Howard, China doll (former champion wrestler), and of course Kit Kat the cat

and below is me, right after i got home from the restuarant haha


Thursday, February 11, 2010

goodbye, alexander

Alexander Mcqueen is an amazing designer who has recently died, he will deffinately be missed and i am completely shocked to hear about his dealth.

Rip, <3