Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The magic of Hermes

So the other day i was on Bloor Street, you know just window shopping for a birthday present. For myself, which is in 4 months and i walked into Hermes and i felt great. I went into try on some jackets

Then i noticed people had i guess you could consider them gift bags with BIG balloon horses, and i went into a child-like state and i had to have one. I felt like a kid in a candy store, i got to try on jackets, look at bags, talk "Birkin" with a sales associate, and was amazed by a great magician they brought in. It was fabulous.

The magician story. This well put together gentleman comes up to me and pulls a paper airplane off of my shoulder (this same airplane has been featured in Hermes's catalogs) and he asked if it was mine. I've seen him do this to other people and ask them the same question so i thought i'd be the odd one out and say "yes that is mine, thank you." so then he says "Oh alright, one moment let me show you something." so then he puts a lighter to it and it sets on fire of course and dissapears and turns into a flower! it was magnificant, but the fun didn't stop there. He then told me to smell the flower (which smelt amazing) and said to open the middle of it. When i said oh sir i can't open it i don't want to break it. he then tured the rose over and lightly tapped it against my hand, then a sample of the new perfume "Voyage d'Hermès" slipt out and onto my hand. I was amazed!
then he honked the flower, it was a nice ending and kept a smile on my face for the next two days.

Before i continue, excuse the mess in the back ground :)
The gift bag consisted of: an Hermes Catalog, an Hermes colouring book, crayons gift wraped with Hermes lace, a sample of the Voyage d'Hermès perfume, cookies (which were amazing shortbreads!), the bag of course, a fresh smelling rose, and a big ol' horse balloon. Over all i had a great time at Hermes on Bloor Street and their sales associates are great

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.

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