Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Oh gosh, Mehret your now 16 and your getting more beautiful each day! One year older another year wiser. There are so many great things i can say that i truley love about you! Like for one. That accent. Can you say "Hubba-hubba ;)" and your sense of humor is fabulous x12. I love you doll!

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.

Street Chic: Head 2 Toe

Vintage Docs.

xoxo, Kyle Rehling

Love at First Sight

Like I mentioned in the blog below titled "Bar to Bar" < theres the link. I was window shopping for some new summer threads looking around at the new and lovely trends. A lot of neutrals and graphics and well as bold neons and prints. Which is always good 'cause personally i couldnt have a summer wardrobe with only neutrals, I love my bold pieces, colours, and prints just as much. So I walked into Zara and saw this lovely number. At first i thought it was a bunch of Hermes scarves sewn together to make a little vest but it wasn't it was a vest obviously made by Zara!
I love this vest because:
1) Its inexspensive
2) Its silk
3) The fit is amazing
4) I literally died for it
5) Its vintage inspired
6) It makes me think of Hermes, whom is basically the god of designer fashion houses.
7) Its flowy, which is perfect for summer and i love i'll fitting-ish pieces.
8) Did i mention i literally DIED for this!

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.

Bar to Bar

Today i spent the majority of my time at Yorkdale Mall, just wondow shopping and looking around for work. The usual. Then after my mission to find work i called up a friend ( and ironically she was in the mall as well. So we got together did lunch and drinks and what not then went to go visit our other friend whom was working haha.

Before i met up with my girls I went to Rainforest Cafe to find work. Haha the story.. I'm not willing to tell it was really awkward ( i neverrr use the word awkward) So right after it, I hit up the bar. I know right how professional. Even though i didn't order an alcoholic beverage i bet it looked so professional on my behalf.
^ These are the cutest chairs i've ever sat on! I of course took the one that looked like a ducks lower half, or was it a swan? I don't know i'd assume all the chairs at the bar were supposed to look like an animal from the Rainforest?

After I was done there and called up my girls, we went to Moxies Bar. Its so cute, dark and intimate (not really intimate but its dark so it qualifies as intimate) We were there and i ordered just you know an ice water and we stood near the bar till i was done. Aww i felt so bad for my friend she got so uncomfortable and thought we were going to be asked to leave. Yes we could have because that area is for 19+ (Sorry for not saying anything;P) but still it was fine! I had a fabulous time for the gosh 20 minutes we were there till my friend got so sketch i felt bad so we left.

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.

Monday, June 21, 2010

MMVAS 2010 - A night full of glitter and spray tans

Lets start the night off with a bang! ;) So heres the deal, I and a few friends attended the 2010 Much Music Video Awards and it was BRILLIANT, CRAZY, AMAZING, FIERCE, SPRAY TANNED and so much more me and my bitties had an amazing time!
(In the above photo is Kayla A)

^ I enjoyed this girl way to much, with her glittery eye and her hair bow. Done by herself! How crazy is that.

two people from video on trial doing the warmup, I'd kill for his Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse high top sneakers!
^The bleachers, why did these photos remind me of a modern day Woodstock?

^Jesse, a Much Music VJ

My favourite Hot Mess, Ke$ha preping for her performance.

One of Miley's dancers. I have one thing to say.. May i wash my clothes on your abs? Get it... Washboard abs ;P

^Host Sarah Taylor and below Sarah Taylor with Kristin Cavallari and Emily Osment.

Miley in a gorgeous champagne coloured dress and Louboutin leapord print sling backs

^Miley Cyrus and Shenae Grimes of 90210.
a wicked performance from Mariana's Trench. Look at that bra, How Gaga of him!
Pauly D - I should be turned on.. but i'm not :S but A for effort :)

^^The HIGHLIGHT of my night! I was waiting so long for my shortie to come out lookin' fly as hell. We all need Snooki in our lives :)

Below is a sneak peak of Katy Perry's performance for California Gurls. It was Fine, Fresh and Fierce with sweets on trees and small gingerbread house, cupcakes gallor, and Lollipops onto of a pink rhynstone encrested bra!

At the Grand Hotel, its super cute. Above is Kayla with Justin Bieber's Guitarists pick and a Down With Webster beer cup.
^Kayla was having a little bit too much fun! Haha gotta love her.

That day was full of  fainting girls, cat fights, glitter and spray tans but we had a blast *Fist Pump*

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Hunt.

My night was spent running from block to block, and switching from subway to subway all because of the MMVA's. Tonight my friends and I thought about doing something a little bit risky... What was this risky business that we took part in you may ask? Well we decided to stalk and well basically stalk the celebrities who have already arrived for the 2010 Much Music Video Awards. We managed to find Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. So here are the shots that were taken!

Thee above photo was taken during rehearsals not during the stalk.

Below- The stalk is on!
Justin Bieber.

Bieber was nice enough to sign two girls hands. One of those girls hands was Manuela`s.

Above are photos of Miley and Liam. One thing is for sure.. I have no idea who this guy is all i know is that he is her new toy and hes hot. Thats all i know.
While i`ll lay down finishing this posts i just want you guys to know. My feet kill! I did it all for my amazing readers though!

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.