Monday, June 21, 2010

MMVAS 2010 - A night full of glitter and spray tans

Lets start the night off with a bang! ;) So heres the deal, I and a few friends attended the 2010 Much Music Video Awards and it was BRILLIANT, CRAZY, AMAZING, FIERCE, SPRAY TANNED and so much more me and my bitties had an amazing time!
(In the above photo is Kayla A)

^ I enjoyed this girl way to much, with her glittery eye and her hair bow. Done by herself! How crazy is that.

two people from video on trial doing the warmup, I'd kill for his Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse high top sneakers!
^The bleachers, why did these photos remind me of a modern day Woodstock?

^Jesse, a Much Music VJ

My favourite Hot Mess, Ke$ha preping for her performance.

One of Miley's dancers. I have one thing to say.. May i wash my clothes on your abs? Get it... Washboard abs ;P

^Host Sarah Taylor and below Sarah Taylor with Kristin Cavallari and Emily Osment.

Miley in a gorgeous champagne coloured dress and Louboutin leapord print sling backs

^Miley Cyrus and Shenae Grimes of 90210.
a wicked performance from Mariana's Trench. Look at that bra, How Gaga of him!
Pauly D - I should be turned on.. but i'm not :S but A for effort :)

^^The HIGHLIGHT of my night! I was waiting so long for my shortie to come out lookin' fly as hell. We all need Snooki in our lives :)

Below is a sneak peak of Katy Perry's performance for California Gurls. It was Fine, Fresh and Fierce with sweets on trees and small gingerbread house, cupcakes gallor, and Lollipops onto of a pink rhynstone encrested bra!

At the Grand Hotel, its super cute. Above is Kayla with Justin Bieber's Guitarists pick and a Down With Webster beer cup.
^Kayla was having a little bit too much fun! Haha gotta love her.

That day was full of  fainting girls, cat fights, glitter and spray tans but we had a blast *Fist Pump*

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.


  1. looks like you had an amazing night babe;
    everything looked fab. <3