Saturday, May 29, 2010

I get this a lot..

Recently i've been getting a ton of comments from friends and strangers telling me i look like the Iconic actor, James Dean. I don't know if i should believe it or not so i'll let you guys decide! Oh and in the shot of me which ironically James Dean is in, i actually meant to get Marylin Monroe in it and didn't even notice James was on the poster i have.. I kinda forgot haha.

Above- Iconic actor James Dean.
Below- Blogger and socialite, Kyle Rehling.

xoxo, Kyle Rehling

Island in the sun

What a wonderful day it was, the weather was great and i just had to get out of the house! So what did i do? I went to Center Island. I had a great time with one of my girls and had some drinks and good food (Pizza-Pizza and Mr. Sub ;P)

Almost there!

Shopsy's Bar and Grill looked so good, but we didn't go in. Too bad. Next time!

We spent our day strolling around the Island and it brought back some great memories with summer camp and commig here with my family when i was very young. It was nice to revisted a place where a spent a fair amount of my child hood.

xoxo, Kyle Rehling

Friday, May 28, 2010

FrontRowMag and Guess by Marciano Event for Rethink Breast Cancer

On Monday May 24th at Guess By: Marciano in the Eaton Center, and event was help by Guess, Front row mag to raise funds for Rethinkg Breast Cancer. The event was hosted by the always stunning- Ainsley Kerr, tons of great finger foods, and amazing drinks!

Above is the always stunning- Ainsley Kerr

Jay Strut (right)-
and a very funny guy in the middle.

The two girls on the left are fellow bloggers-
and the 2 on the left are Kimberlee McCormack and Dan, two very wonderful people you deffinately want to meet!
Kimberlee's blog- 


My new doll, Anisha and I! Those drinks were to die for.

When you donated $5 or more you got 20% off your purchase and i assume a gift bag full of cosmetics!

The event was a HUGE success i enjoyed it very much and had tons of fun with my new friends, fellow bloggers, the Guess staff, and the photographers!
 Thanks to everyone who participated in such a wonderful event for a great cause!

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Its a personal thing

Screw shopping for that 'perfect dress', screw shopping for those perfect fitting jeans that make your ass look like a million million dollar bum! Like shopping for that perfect "thats me in a bottle" scent finding that perfect bag is also very personal.

I was looking for that perfect bag for years, and what were those perfect bags qualifications you may ask? Designer. Thats all it took. Of course not just for the label if i may add. Quality is a must too. A few months ago, half a year or more ago. I started looking for a bag that was just right for me. Versatile, edgy, cool, easy, practicle, and a conversation starter ( I'm horrible at that!) So why not have a bag do it for me ;P. So a few weeks ago while i was strolling around bloor street i stopped by one of my all time favourite stores. H&M, Bloor Street's location. I was walking around la, la, la and then i saw a bag, which i've seen before but the odd thing was i had a, i guess you could say. Different appreciation for the piece? I tried it on and it just felt right like it was me. So i did what every young man would do in a situation like this, run to the subway faster then my body would allow, pray the subway would hurry its ass off, run to my house, grab the money, AND GET MY ASS BACK THERE AND BUY THAT BAD BOY! 

By the way if i may add, it was a half hour till closing when i decided to get the bag. So i got there, 10 minutes after close. What did i do? Make a comotion to speak to a sales associate and already heavy breathing completely out of perportion and then when she came to the door i yelled "wheres your blonde friend! She has my bag on hold!" I was then allowed in and paid for that beauty and we've been inlove ever since.

Now when i think of it i just think it matched my outfit quite well haha but i use it religiously and it gets tons of compliments by random strangers (wheither it be at the library or a cafe), friends, or people at places i visit constantly.

It took me hell of a long time to find the " I just died bag" but it was all worth the wait. Ya, ya it may not be worth 1,000 bucks but i think i do a great job at pulling this bag off :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Its soo JUICY!

Today..FINALLY, today was the grand opening of the first Juicy Couture in Canada! The opening, like every other store, was at 10 a.m. Unfortunately not too many people showed up, probably a maximum of 50 but people poped in and out. The window displays and store arrangement were great. Very creative but not enough to hurt your eyes it was very pretty. Oh and by the way, I was the first one to walk into the store.. just to set the record straight :P There was a lot of cute, easy, chic pieces. Nothing too JUICY. Haha.

The changerooms were so cute, i got the smallest one though :(

The wall with only a few of Juicy's wide variety of accessories.

I HAD to try this on because its the only top thats ever came close to the original long sleeve that Coco Chanel made iconic.

I didn't get to check if this was a ring or a charm, i would assume its a charm. I died for it.

The accessorie counter, it felt like i had died and went to Couture Heaven.

^ The front door and the pretty window displays.

the boarder in the changeroom that read: Once uplon a time in a land far, far away called Pacoima there were two nice girls who set out to create the perfect girlie collection. JUICY COUTURE swept the land and they lived happily every after.

This cardigan is to die for, it was soo comfortable and there was just enough details, so cute!

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Catching up

^ top shop jacket, H&M jacket and t shirt, vintage fur, Zara trench coat, vintage Balmain bag, ray ban glasses

I just spent the whole night editing my facebook albums, just deleting and sorting photos. Then i noticed some pictures i haven't looked at in a while, and there photos of some of my dearest friends. It made me sad because i don't get to see them as offen as i wish i could but we still keep in touch so its all good! A certain album i was looking through deffinately got to me. Its of my friend Shelby and Sarah and of course me. It was when they both came to Toronto to catch up and to see Kelly Cutron at MTV Aftershow and at her book signing for her new book: If you have to cry go outside and other things your mother never told you!" We had a great time romeing the streets and designer shops of Yorkville, i miss them terribley but i know we'll get together soon and we'll have an even better time!

Walking around Yorkville.

At The Mtv Aftershow for Kelly Cutrone's appearance. Before the Q&A started we chatted with Sheena.

^On Sarah: Zara trench, Balmain bag, Ray-Ban glasses. On me: H&M jacket and t-shirt, Marc Jacobs Clutch, Tommy Hilfiger canvas bag, Zara shoes, Marc Jacobs necklace.

Strutting up China Town.

Kelly is wearing an Hermes cuff.
Kelly insisted that she take pictures with as many fans as she could.

At Kelly Cutrone's book signing for: If you have to cry, go outside! and other things your mother never told you."

To much of my surprise Kelly took part in a Q&A before the signing and she was hosted by Canada's own, Jeanne Beker. Host of Fashion Television.

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.