Thursday, May 20, 2010

Its soo JUICY!

Today..FINALLY, today was the grand opening of the first Juicy Couture in Canada! The opening, like every other store, was at 10 a.m. Unfortunately not too many people showed up, probably a maximum of 50 but people poped in and out. The window displays and store arrangement were great. Very creative but not enough to hurt your eyes it was very pretty. Oh and by the way, I was the first one to walk into the store.. just to set the record straight :P There was a lot of cute, easy, chic pieces. Nothing too JUICY. Haha.

The changerooms were so cute, i got the smallest one though :(

The wall with only a few of Juicy's wide variety of accessories.

I HAD to try this on because its the only top thats ever came close to the original long sleeve that Coco Chanel made iconic.

I didn't get to check if this was a ring or a charm, i would assume its a charm. I died for it.

The accessorie counter, it felt like i had died and went to Couture Heaven.

^ The front door and the pretty window displays.

the boarder in the changeroom that read: Once uplon a time in a land far, far away called Pacoima there were two nice girls who set out to create the perfect girlie collection. JUICY COUTURE swept the land and they lived happily every after.

This cardigan is to die for, it was soo comfortable and there was just enough details, so cute!

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.


  1. your the biggest homo in the world. I'm surprised you didn't catch the store on fire.

  2. ^^ clearly your input means nothing
    .. to anyone actually.
    personally ,i think its a good bloggg.
    go hate where your wanted, thnkxxx
    kbodanis <3

  3. You're such a loser.
    Don't like? Don't look/read.
    You're probably baggy and messy and have less taste than Kyle ever had!
    I don't like you!
    Kyle, this is fab, sorry i missed the opening...xoxo

  4. Loving the stripes :)

    Thx for sharing, I had already left TO so I missed the opening. Keep it up!!