Friday, June 25, 2010

Bar to Bar

Today i spent the majority of my time at Yorkdale Mall, just wondow shopping and looking around for work. The usual. Then after my mission to find work i called up a friend ( and ironically she was in the mall as well. So we got together did lunch and drinks and what not then went to go visit our other friend whom was working haha.

Before i met up with my girls I went to Rainforest Cafe to find work. Haha the story.. I'm not willing to tell it was really awkward ( i neverrr use the word awkward) So right after it, I hit up the bar. I know right how professional. Even though i didn't order an alcoholic beverage i bet it looked so professional on my behalf.
^ These are the cutest chairs i've ever sat on! I of course took the one that looked like a ducks lower half, or was it a swan? I don't know i'd assume all the chairs at the bar were supposed to look like an animal from the Rainforest?

After I was done there and called up my girls, we went to Moxies Bar. Its so cute, dark and intimate (not really intimate but its dark so it qualifies as intimate) We were there and i ordered just you know an ice water and we stood near the bar till i was done. Aww i felt so bad for my friend she got so uncomfortable and thought we were going to be asked to leave. Yes we could have because that area is for 19+ (Sorry for not saying anything;P) but still it was fine! I had a fabulous time for the gosh 20 minutes we were there till my friend got so sketch i felt bad so we left.

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.

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