Sunday, June 6, 2010

Its about time for a few new summer trade marks.

A cool vintage looking greyish-black H&M fedora and a vintage Yves Saint Laurent clutch. These two together or seperate will have a chance at being my new summer accessories, there still of course on a two week probation haha i need to see if they go together with my other clothes and accessories. The hat i chose because.. we'll to be completely honest it was an intoxicated inpulse purchase that i grew to love the second day of owning it and the clutch, i traded for my vintage Chanel half tint sunglasses. YES- you read correctly the Chanel half tints are no more. Accessories come and go. Yes i loved them to pieces but i'm growing up and my style is constantly changing as much as i would have loved them to stick around for decades to come, thats pretty impossible cause we all change- constantly. So back to the main topic, keep your eye out for these two bad boys and whatever one you see more, is of course the one that will stick around for a long while.

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.

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