Friday, November 26, 2010

* excuse the poor web cam quality and the mess of a background *

Taking a short break from changing things up in my room so i thought i'd show you guys what i wore today and what i promised i said i'd wear asap. I obviously stick to my word! haha. I didn't get a lot of positive feedback which i dont mind. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but im the kind of person who can listen to an opinion no problem because my style is a tad bit outthere for where i currently live. But when opinions can not be backed up and are not thought out. Its irritating but whatever ;P i wore these for a reason because I love  them. I think people should get the point i dont dress for others. I dress for moi

-Vintage Ralph Lauren chunky knit sweater
-American Apparel floral print leggings
-Ring, i believe my mother had made for me, or vintage
-Joe Fresh 'Powder Blue' nailpolish

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