Thursday, November 11, 2010

m.a.c VIVA GLAM lipstick

I know im a little late but the other day i went to MAC to pick up this lady gaga baby/bubble gum pink lipstick. I've wanted it for a while and new the pigment would be beyond my expectations... and it was! I wanted it and i know mac is a good quality brand but sometimes this thing happens to me where i get all where i dont wanna spend too much, so as i was talking to the mac sales rep. She said 100% of the money goes to HIV research. Right away i was sold, even if it was 50% of the procedes or even 25% of it i would have bough it but to be told 100% of the procedes (excluding the tax) were being given to HIV research gave me such a good semaritan kinda feel. I think everyone should go out right away to grab this one and the cindy lauper lipstick with is a deep red before they all go!

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.


  1. Wow I must be a tad behind as well... I didnt know such a thing existed! Great blog.

    -Stephen Pham