Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Florals in fall

Currently listening to Ashlee Simpson's song 'Endless Summer' while blogging aboout floral print leggings during fall.
Anyways, i was going through my computer. Doing my monthly cleanse, ya know? I came across this picture i took of my American Apparel leggings on my way back from Toronto.
I remember how badly i wanted these but personally. yes i admit i splurge but on leggings i cant fathum paying $50 for a pair. When i was in toronto a couple weeks before this photo was taken i saw them... on the clearence rack (which AA never, absolutely,never has) so i ran over and grabbed them. They were 50% off!
I was so excited, i knew they werent on sale for being tacky or whatever because we were soon to be leaving summer and moving onto fall.
 Recently they've been sitting in my dresser. So i thought i'd wear them soon, i promise! Maybe tomorrow. I have a really cute outfit already in my mind for it!
Cant wait!

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.

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