Sunday, March 13, 2011

A distant memory

I've been thinking about the term friendship a lot recently and I wonder what is a friendship?what must one do to have a real friendship ? And all those other exciting questions and i think that the most important thing someone can do to grow and obtain a friendship is to put in effort... Sound easy? It is! But most people I'm surrounded by don't think so. For the people I care about I give them my 100% focus, attention, love, and respect. And I don't talk negativly about them either! Which may sound weird because some people do not understand that loyalty is also a key ingrediant to keeping a friendship and running off to the next person you see and talking negativly is not okay or acceptable. About those fakes I'm surrounded by-you will soon become a faded, a distant memory. I'm not writting this to rant or to cry about things I'm just collecting my thoughts. The word friendship doesn't have the same meaning as it used to. One should never talk about a friend badly and one should always put in more effort then they think their giving. It's a two way street not a dead end.

Xoxo, Kyle Rehling.