Sunday, May 29, 2011


So a couple weeks ago i had my promm! The day finally came and i couldn't have been more nervous but it was a mix or nervous and super excited feelings so i was ready. Basically i went with my friends Rebecca and Crystal and we picked some people up in our limo along the way. It was pretty much a good time ;)

*The three pictures below were taken by The Barrie Examiner*
just let me get the disclaimer out of the way ;P. My dress and shoes were both from which is like but i feel like Charlotte Russe has  little more of a classy/evening twist to their clothing.

^This was taken on a total accident. I was like "What you want this *pose*" and then the photographer was like "oops" and i was like "what :S" and he was like " haha i got it" (Thank GOD that didnt end up in the paper!)

so after the dinner at prom we ditched to go play in the limo. we stayed out till ... longer then we should have, just having a good time. I'll be real, this was the first time in a while i've felt 100% included by a whole group of people. So with that said we had one hell of a time! (btw you can see my undies a little bit ;P)

^Hey! Don't judge, when is the next time i'm going to be able to do this again?

^Crystal and i :)

before i left
Mac 'grape' pigment on the lid
matte brown from maybelline natural smokes pallette in crease
Mac 'blue brown' pigment over crease
Wet n' Wild 'brulee' as brow highlight
Mac lady gaga viva glam 2 on lips

Overall i had a fabulush time at prom, with people who completely accept a boy in a dress :P Thanks for a fab night lovies xo.

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.


  1. it looks like you had a fabulous time! prom is the ultimate high school experience to show off your steeez!
    ps i can hardly read your writing it is so smalllll lol

  2. Breathtaking! You are going to break a lot of men's hearts.

  3. thanks! heather are you sure? its quite large on mine, try zooming in on your comp (ctrl + -)

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