Saturday, June 19, 2010

3:32 A.M

It is 3:32 AM and i've just been laying in bed thinking, thinking, thinking. I've been thinking about what a... complicated yet amazing year i've had and when i say year i am refering to the recent school year and my personal life.

Coming to this amazingg and beautiful city for the second time but on my OWN terms was a random decision that was set in stone within 20 minutes of the idea comming to mind. I think it was a great decision and i haven't looked back since.
School, i hate to admit it but this institution has shaped me. Theres of course been conflict and some amazing and great times. I've found out who the real and fake were and i'm very happy to have known them both because now i know who is there for me and does not have bad intentions. I want all my good friends and favourite teachers whom i confide in to know and of course they know who they are that i appreciate everything they've ever done for me even if i don't say i appreciate it, i do. I enjoy every single one of you and love all your different personalities. Another year is over and as many of my friends would say "Onto the next one!"
I am truley blessed for having the life I have at this moment. So many great opportunities have come my way and i couldn't have been happier to have been presented with them. I am becoming the person i've always wanted to be. I've experienced so much so far and there ( I know) is so much more to come and I can't wait!

Thank you for everything! <3

xoxo, Kyle Rehling