Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Watermark

Tonight Tiffany  of and I had "dinner" at The Watermark, its beautiful at night and located at the harbour. We had a wonderful time.... sitting in fear waiting for a spider- that i killed- to come back. Haha.

Our view from the patio.

And I.

mmmmmmm :)

We walked onto this dock.. I got kind of scared i'm not to sure about Tiffany. I don't know if im too odd for being frightened of docks that are pitch black and of course located on top of water.

xoxo, Kyle Rehling.


  1. hahah thanks for changing the link
    it was fun tonight - perfect weather to go down to the harbour..the spider was horrifying though

  2. No problem hun. Ya i had a blast and i totally agree about the weather lets do it again soontime;P. Girl please that spider was worse then horrifying i almost died!